3 Ways to Sell

3 Ways to Sell All or Part of Your Collection

collectors (2)The Shows – We would welcome you as a vendor at any of our shows. With events in Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico & Utah, we cover a lot of territory. This is absolutely the best way to sell, and the shows are a ton of fun. Collectors like nothing better than seeing what you have to sell in person and you will also meet vendors in the local marketplace that may be interested in the items you are offering for sale. It is easy to register. A .pdf file of the registration can be found on the Doll &  Teddy Events page under the event you are interested in and is available 6 months prior to the show. Simply print and send it in.   You will receive a confirmation,  and I would love to see you at the show!

Consignments at the Shows – This is a service available at most of our shows. If you just have a few items to sell, this is a great option. You will be able to bring 3 – 5 items at most shows. We will have a staffed consignment booth prominently placed in the showroom to sell on your behalf. Details of this service can be found in the Selling Options at the bottom of this page.  Note that not every show / event has a consignment area.  You will want to confirm availability for the specific show that you are interested in.

Doll Sale Marketplace – A classified marketplace for dolls, teddy bears, miniatures and their accessories. If distance makes participating at the shows impossible, this is an excellent option. You can list items that you are selling, items that you are looking for, or an event  – all in one location. This service is not complicated and is super easy to use. The site also features an email link for you to ask identification questions on your doll or teddy bear.