May Will Have 2 Excellent Events

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It’s been fun going through pictures during a short Spring break.  I’m sharing just a few of the older pictures that I have run across – before the camera that takes really good pictures.  Don’t forget that we have 2 excellent events coming up in May.

May 9, 2015 9:30AM to 3PM
Utah Fairpark – 155 North 1000 West – Salt Lake City Utah

In addition to the dealers you love to see, the wig lady will be in from Washington –
bring your dolly for a new look.

May 16, 2015 9:30AM to 3:30Pm
Alameda County Fairgrounds – Corner Valley Ave & Bernal Ave –  Pleasanton CA

 Great selection of Antique Dolls & Teddy Bears
Fabulous Artist Creations
BJD meet-up from 12-3PM
Good News Bears fundraising raffles
Nancy Ann Doll display

For more information on the show in Pleasanton show, click here

I hope to see you at one of the shows!

Riley sm  Soft Art  Portrait-Jumeau

April in San Jose, a Nice Treat

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It was a fun spring day in San Jose.  The shoppers (and me) seemed to be on a quest to fill their Easter baskets with treasures from the show.  I loved seeing you all. See you in Pleasanton!

DSC_0793 A  DSC_0852 a  DSC_0857 a


March in Puyallup, WA & Roseville, CA

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There were two great shows this month!  We started out in the Northwest at the Puyallup show (pictures below).  Always a fun show filled with an amazing group of dealers.

I love the spring shows and both of these were no exception.  This last weekend was spent at the Roseville, CA show, pictures above.

Another great day with my show family.  To all – you are my joy!  Did  I mention great shopping?

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DSC_0541 aDSC_0608 aDSC_0545 a



A Special Valentines Day in Portland OR

pdx feb 2015  DSC_0164 a arnot  DSC_0449 a

DSC_0452 a  DSC_0447 a  DSC_0442 a

What a great day in Portland OR we had this past weekend.  I saw so many of my favorite people and met some amazing new artists.  The weather really cooperated and everyone was in good spirits.  I found a treasure for my collection and hope you did as well.  We will see you in the fall!  Enjoy the pictures here.  Be sure to look at our Facebook page keep the Doll Sale Marketplace bookmarked, many of the items you see here will be posted for sale soon.

DSC_0478 a  DSC_0422 a  DSC_0404 a

DSC_0512 a  DSC_0423 a  DSC_0488 a