Alan Pate Event – Reno

 This is a special opportunity to meet Alan Scott Pate, a fascinating and entertaining expert on antique Japanese dolls.

Alan will be introducing us, in person, to one of the Japanese friendship dolls, Miss Wakayama.  The 1.5 day event will include a Friday reception with a chance to meet Alan in person.  Saturday will include a salesroom and luncheon with a program, presented by Alan, that will include information on Japanese dolls in general as well as topics specific to the Friendship dolls.  Saturday afternoon will include a tour to the Nevada Historical Society Museum to meet Miss Wakayama in person.

Registrar: Jean Smith          Email:      Phone: 916 397 3191
General Information: Email:

In the local area and just want to enjoy a day with your fellow doll friends (or meet new ones)? You can book by emailing and letting me know.