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Important Show Updates

We have 2 announcements impacting show for the rest of 2017.

  1. SAN JOSE, CA We have been unable to find the right location for the show in San Jose despite 2 years of effort and a whole lot of input.  The search was like the story of the 3 bears – either too large, too expensive – but never ‘just right’ or even close.  Many have asked why we can’t just go back to the fairground … basically the same story – too large, too expensive, crazy taxation and, and, and, and …  For these reasons, I have abandoned the search and have cancelled the show permanently.  This is very sad for me, but I honestly feel that the time will be better spent by offering a better event in Pleasanton and in Roseville.
  2. ROSEVILLE, CA BIG surprise from the fairground a couple of weeks ago.  The new owners (Placer County Tourism) have decided to do a major facelift to the existing fairground buildings all at once (instead of in stages) and have closed the facility to events through the end of the year.  YIKES!!  Jean spent time researching and going to facilities throughout the Sacramento area.  She was unable to find a location with Fall dates available that would work with our schedule – even looking in to a Christmas show type of event location – not available.  So we have moved the Roseville fall date to February 24, 2018 in the newly renovated Fairgrounds buildings.  This show is NOT cancelled, but is moved to the February date.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you will plan on attending the Pleasanton, CA show October 14, 2017 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.  Click here for details

The PNW BJD Expo in Mid-May Was Amazing

This was my first year managing this event and boy-howdy was it fun!  I have about a bizillion pictures that I will share on Facebook and the PNW BJD website. And a few here as well.  What struck me about this unique event was that everyone was really having fun – no one sitting in a corner, no one not wanting to participate – just smiles, happy chatter and fun!  Enjoy this peek and plan on joining us next year!




Spring Show in Reno

We had a great time with  Alan Scott Pate, world expert on antique Japanese dolls, exploring the history and legacy of the 1927 Japanese Friendship dolls.  The Silver Legacy treated us like royalty and our group of collectors were a delight to be around!  Thanks to all that helped put this special event together!



No Foolin’ it was April Fools Day

Roseville is always a fun show – and this past weekend was no exception….except for some weirdnesses.  I really was expecting to see Rod Serling in the lobby.  It was great seeing and chatting with so many friends.  Enjoy just a taste of what the day was like!