A Great Day in Pleasanton!

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I had a great time at the show in Pleasanton this past weekend.  The laughter came from every corner of the room.  The displays were amazing, I found something interesting to look at at every one of the 150 tables.  I thank the Nancy Ann ladies for their informative display and the Good News bears for their service to the local community.  I am looking forward to seeing in the fall!  Be sure to check out our Facebook page, where I will post more pictures.

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April in San Jose, a Nice Treat

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It was a fun spring day in San Jose.  The shoppers (and me) seemed to be on a quest to fill their Easter baskets with treasures from the show.  I loved seeing you all. See you in Pleasanton!

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March in Puyallup, WA & Roseville, CA

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There were two great shows this month!  We started out in the Northwest at the Puyallup show (pictures below).  Always a fun show filled with an amazing group of dealers.

I love the spring shows and both of these were no exception.  This last weekend was spent at the Roseville, CA show, pictures above.

Another great day with my show family.  To all – you are my joy!  Did  I mention great shopping?

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