Dolls 4 All

About Us

Meet the Crossroads Team – a stellar group of folks that love what we do!  You will meet some or all of these ladies at Crossroads shows.  Our path is clear, our team sensational and our commitment to you our highest priority.

2016-03-13 02.10.46-2Alisa, right, is our team leader and a lover of miniatures.  You will enjoy her upbeat, can do attitude.

Adeline, left, is our enthusiastic jill-of-all-trades.  Her passion for all things doll and teddy bear is evident in everything she does.



Jean is our lady that keeps track of what’s happening at the show.  You will find her at the door at most of our California shows.  She is also a lover of all things doll and teddy bear.

All of these ladies have great ideas on how to make the shows a bright spot in your life.

Meet Dorothy Drake, veteran business development executive, and owner of Dolls4all.

dorothy-with-dollHaving retired from the corporate world in 2000, but too young to lay in the hammock,  she felt  she could make a difference in the Doll & Teddy Bear industry by stepping from the fun of the hobby into the business end and a satisfying 2nd career. “The company name, Dolls4all became our mission statement! In this very hectic world, we all need the escape offered by Dolly Days! In my commitment to the industry, I believe that education is the essential way to introduce the next generation to the exciting, classic and functional art of dolls & teddy bears.  We do this by producing the best events we can in every marketplace we serve.”

Every show has space available for seminars, demonstrations, contests and local Doll Club fundraisers.  We have experts available to appraise your treasures and offer restoration advice and resources at most events. We are committed to collectors and exhibitors by providing a safe and FUN place to enjoy the special camaraderie of meeting together to enjoy what we do.

“Our Doll/Bear consignment service was developed in response to requests from people with just a few items to sell in the doll show event setting. We are dedicated to finding homes for these items, where they will be treasured for the next generation.”

Join us at a show – and find the enchantment, it’s magical!