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Leo Pard, made of Geoffery's Cat Fur

Welcome to the world of HINZ BEARS....Bears with an attitude! Teddy bears are meant to give love, comfort and to make you laugh...Hinz Bears do just that! In addition, Marta can create her collectible, handmade teddy bears, from fur coats and stoles that may have belonged to someone very special to you.

Each Hinz bear is personal and one-of-a-kind. Personal, because it can be created from your fur or stole, and One-of-a-kind because no two are ever the same.

  • Handmade Hats
  • Vintage Lace & Ribbons
  • Your Family Items: Any special touch that adds personal meaning

All Handmade

If workmanship and quality are details that you look for in an heirloom, then you will truly appreciate a Hinz bear. All are created from Marta's original pattern designs. The bears share certain characteristics such as round tummies, big feet, long muzzles and the traditional hump. Marta has created a style that is more old fashioned with arms that reach for you and beg to be held.

    After discovering a quaint shop in Carmel, filled with wonderful artist bears, she was moved to tears. She began her bear making career, starting with mohair. After several years of working in mohair, Marta decided to try working with an old fur coat, and has been perfecting the technique ever since. Marta has created hundreds of bears for clients throughout the United States.

    Marta presents her most popular style - 'Bear with an Attitude'. Marta's bears don't take themselves too seriously, and they make sure that you know it! These bears feature round tummies with big feet and long muzzles. They are firmly stuffed and jointed at the arms, legs and neck. Marta often uses exotic or unusual furs. The facial expressions, highlighted by Marta's exclusive reinforced embroidered nose, come to life based on how the muzzle fur is trimmed.


    The Dumplings are smaller with a more rounded tummy and a shorter muzzle which has been sculptured for a more comical effect. Marta has also added a cure little tail.


    This very special bear is similar to the Dumpling, with the added feature of wings! These are sweet little angels, each adorned with vintage feathers and flowers


    Looking for a Teddy Bear right now? In sizes from 12-20", and in a great selection of furs, you can choose one of these wonderful bears that are ready to be shipped today. Don't forget to look in the HATS, HATS, HATS section to find a fabulous hat for your new bear!

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