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If you have questions about identification or restoration of your doll, teddy bear, or miniature feel free to send a picture and our team of experts will answer.
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georgia seibel
Teddy BearJohn Paul Port – The leading expert on teddy bears in the world today,  John created the Teddy Today magazine and has studied the art and history of teddy bears his entire life.  His mother, Beverly Port, is credited with creating the artist teddy bear movement of which John was her most avid pupil.

Vintage Compo, Hard Plastic & Madame Alexander:  Robin Jones specializing in 1940 – 1960 Hard Plastic & Compo dolls and MME Alexander from 1950-2000, plus Cabbage Patch.  Robin has been an expert in the field for over 20 years and is active at shows with appraisals and demonstrations.

Antique Dolls: Marshall Martin – As seen on the Antiques Road Show, Marshall is a retired 3rd grade teacher that has been active in the antique doll world for 40+ years.  He currently is the chair of the UFDC National Salesroom, guides European doll tours, and appraises at doll shows around the nation.

Vintage Barbie: Georgia Seibel Georgia has been an expert on vintage Barbie for 20+ years.  Her knowledge of dolls excellent and her knowledge about outfits with the correct accessories is amazing.


Boudoir Dolls: Karen Kosies Karen been studying and restoring boudoir dolls since she began collecting.  She is able to identify the timeperiod and where the doll was made by the shoes and other factors.  

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