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3 Ways to Sell All or Part of Your Collection
3 Ways to Sell All or Part of Your Collection

The Shows we would welcome you as a vendor at any of our shows. With events in Washington, Oregon, California, & Utah, we cover a lot of territory. This is absolutely the best way to sell and the shows are a ton of fun. Collectors like nothing better than seeing what you have to sell in person and you will also meet vendors in the local marketplace that will be interested in the items that you are offering. It is easy to register. A PDF of the registration can be found on the Doll Show page under the event you are interested in and is available 6 months prior to the show. Simply print and send in, you will receive a confirmation. I would love to see you at the show!

Consignments at the Shows This is a new service that will expand to all of our shows starting in June 2011. If you just have a few items to sell, this is a great option. You will be able to bring up to 5 items to any of the shows to sell. We will have a staffed consignment booth prominently placed in the showroom to sell on your behalf. Details of this new service can be found in the Doll Shop under Crossroads Show Consignments.

Dorothy's List - A new classified marketplace for dolls, teddy bears, miniatures and their accessories. If distance makes the shows undoable, this is an excellent option. You can list items for sale, items that you are looking for, or an event all in one location. This new service is not complicated and super easy to use. We will be happy to walk you through the listing process or answer any questions. We will be moving to our new website on or bout August 25. The New Dorothy's List will have added features and searches that will make it easier to list and shop!

BEWARE of SCAMMERS! Be cautious in all internet transactions especially if you are sent too much money for the purchase and asked to refund the difference in cash. Beware!

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