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A Special Valentines Day in Portland OR

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What a great day in Portland OR we had this past weekend.  I saw so many of my favorite people and met some amazing new artists.  The weather really cooperated and everyone was in good spirits.  I found a treasure for my collection and hope you did as well.  We will see you in the fall!  Enjoy the pictures here.  Be sure to look at our Facebook page keep the Doll Sale Marketplace bookmarked, many of the items you see here will be posted for sale soon.

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Springtime in Puyallup WA

Find the Enchantment – It’s Magical!

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Dolls & teddy bears have never gone out of style. They remain cool, as well as hip, and can make you laugh, cry or sigh. This  family friendly event is for enthusiasts of all ages with a sales floor packed with  dolls, teddy bears, antiques, miniatures, clothes, accessories, furniture and  supplies.

DSC_0425 aHours: Saturday, Mar. 14, 2015 10AM to 4PM
Early Birds at 8:30AM
Sunday, Mar. 15, 2015
10AM to 3PM
Location: Washington State Fairgrounds
110 9thAve SW  Puyallup, WA 98371
Admission: Early Birds $10.00
10AM admit: Adults $8; Children under 12 $4

~Doll identification & appraisal, bring up to 2 items
~Teddy Bear identification & appraisal, bring up to 2 items
~Extensive selections of antique dolls, teddy bears, & miniatures on sale
~Meet artists showing their amazing creativity
~BJD meet-up 1PM on Saturday
~Find play dolls & teddy bears for younger collectors
~Doll stringing and repair evaluation available

December 2014 Newsletter

Christmas card with KittySometimes I feel that my life has a riptide running through it. Some sections of the journey are so peaceful, yet many seem to be dragging me from one section of whitewater to the next.  This year has been different, odd even.   What I’ve noticed is that we live in an age of gargantuan numbers – numbers that I cannot even wrap my head around.  I’ve watched people sweep past the best as they chase after the most. It seems so easy to get caught up in the sensational and forget the significant.  So many seem quick to criticize and slow to praise … and the list goes on.

Through all of these observations, I have become convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react.  Hmmm. A quote by Edward Everett Hale spoke volumes to me: “I am one man.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And what I can do, I ought to do. And what I ought to do, by the grace of God, I will do.”

In looking back at my writing from 2005, what struck me is that little has really changed – yet life going in to 2015 is sooo different. The theme of the 2005 Christmas newsletter was Giving Back.  I got ideas and feedback from literally hundreds of people from around the world. So many great ideas were put forward that I want to compile the list for the January Newsletter. Since it’s been 10 years, I would like to take a moment to compare then and now, so I would like to hear from you! Please hit ‘reply’ and let me hear how you Give Back. Even though many of us have never met, strength comes from knowing that we are better together because we can share our experiences and our love of dolls & teddy bears!

May your Christmas be filled with love, the joy of giving, and blessed with good health and safe keeping. I am richer for having you in my life. Read More→

The First Show of the Year, San Diego Style

DSC_9947 a 2015 toby  DSC_0114 a stevie t  DSC_0065 a martin  DSC_0110 a GO  sugar plum fairies  DSC_0056 a george w

This was a great weekend in San Diego!  It is always good to see everyone and get out of the winter blahs – and there were certainly no blahs at this show!  The class on Friday was fun – we thank Art Rogers for being such a great teacher.  All of the students finished in time to put their class creations in a Saturday contest.  Congrats to Wanda Shope for her return to the Teddy Bear world and for winning the contest (sorry Wanda – my picture of your Kit the Kat was terrible).  We also congratulate Stevie T for winning two Industry Choice TOBY awards announced at the Saturday evening banquet.

DSC_9958 a bru  DSC_9988 a pout  DSC_9936-a-the-girls-b  DSC_0048 a elefant  DSC_9999 a fashion  DSC_9949 a 2015 TOBY

I was glad to have extra help at the show (Thanks to Adeline, Jean and Maryll) so that I could take pictures and boy did I!  As usual for this show, there was a wonderful selection of original work by prominent artists, fabulous antiques, great vintage, an more miniatures than I have seen in a while.

Enjoy the pictures, I will post more on Facebook soon and many of the dolls, teddy bears and critters will be listed on the Doll Sale Marketplace during the week.


October 2014

October 25, 2014 Salt Lake City, UT
Sat, 9:30AM to 3PM
Promontory Building 155N 1000W

klumpeI always enjoy the show in my hometown.  The dealers come from all over the West, and this show is no exception.  In addition to our regular dealers, we will be welcoming back Judy Lofall’s Dolls, June Bowman, Bountiful Baby and Davidson’s Doll Shop, to name a few.  A great dolly day is lined up for Utah collectors! For more show details, click here

I post pictures from all of the shows on Facebook as well as here on the home page of the website.  Many of the dolls from the shows are also listed for sale in the DollSaleMarketplace

We know that Dolly Days and a kind word can cheer the heart, so hope see you at the show! Jim & Dorothy

Doll & Teddy Bear Show News September 2014

alice for newsletter

I can feel Fall in the air, really just a bit of a morning chill.  I am hoping for a nice long Indian Summer so that I can spend some more time in the vegetable garden.  We’ve really had a nice bumper crop of beans, squash and onions.  I am still waiting for the gazillion green tomatoes to ripen, but just in case I’m looking for green tomato recipes.

We finished off the summer shows with an incredible event in Portland OR this past weekend.  And Fall brings a busy show schedule as well as birthdays for both Jim and I.  September is birthday month, and mine is really kind of epic this year as I am turning yet another speed limit.  65 seems like kind of a big number and we will be at the Roseville show on that day, so a party to celebrate seems inevitable!  You know – sharing your birthday surrounded by people that understand our love of the shows – sounds divine!  I’m thinking party hats for all of the dealers (OK maybe for each booth) and cookies for all! Read More→

Crossroads Shows August 2014 Newsletter

dep July was fun.  Pretty low key except for an amazing trip to San Antonio, TX for the UFDC annual convention.  We were at an amazing resort, that was also huge.  I got a lot of very healthy walking in and enjoyed the trip and convention immensely.  Of course the bright spot for me was being a part of the salesroom.  In a huge resort, I expected the salesroom to be huge as well, and it was.  But what a feast for the eyes.  What I especially like about this event is that everyone there knows a lot about dolls.  I usually have dolls that I don’t know a lot about and look forward to the education that I ask for and receive.  This year I cleared up some fuzzy spots in my doll knowledge – so thanks to all!

Always looking for a way to bring home a nugget of value that I can incorporate into the show – I am more convinced than ever that educating the folks that come to our shows is key.  Not only for success in the marketplace, but in drawing new people to our hobby.  Plus, don’t we all have a bit of the schoolmarm in us? Teaching / learning, as we get older I believe that there is more pleasure in both.

So on to the August show schedule (or should we call it an educational tour?) Read More→

Crossroads Shows Update – a 4th of July Greeting

I love londaisy waving flag xsmg weekends, especially  when fireworks, parades and barbeques are involved.  And this weekend is really a giant birthday party!

Even though the news media can be distressing, even depressing – we have a lot to be thankful for in this country.  On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from Britain and the Unites States of America as an independent nation was born. The American Dream is so compelling, every day thousands leave their homelands and all that is familiar to come to the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate our freedom, where our dreams can be lived out. I send special thanks to those that have served in our military and my warmest greetings to those that are currently serving (our son Colby is in the Navy).

Here is an excerpt from a lovely poem by Joanna Fuchs:

Let’s respect them for their courage; They’re ready to do what’s right To keep America safe, So we can sleep better at night. Read More→

June Crossroads Show Newsletter from Dorothy Drake

nature 1  I usually start my newsletters with the picture of a wonderful doll, but I just loved this picture.  Jim and I got back Sunday after a terrific road trip from Albuquerque to Reno.  The scenery really was therapy!  I found myself truly relaxed and focused on rock formations and desert plant life.  I even saw some critters.

The busy Spring show schedule is behind us and we are looking forward to having a quieter Summer, mostly at home.  After having a drug allergic reaction to statins recently, I have been noticing an increase in what looks to be food allergies as well.  So this Summer we are going to spend more time in the garden growing our own food to see if that makes a difference.  That’s me – volunteering to be a science experiment! Read More→

Doll & Teddy Bear Event in Salt Lake May 17

hp alexSLC girls

I always enjoy Spring time in my home town.  We enjoy family, friends and all of you!  We have some new hours this year, and will have a silent auction of a collection out of California.  We’re excited that Terri Pender will be back with her amazing selection of wigs, so bring dolly for a new ‘do’.  Our good friend Karen Houmand will be with us after a couple of years of conflicting schedules.  Parking is still free, so come on by:

May 17, 2014  9:30AM to 3:00PM
Utah Fairpark, Promintory Hall      115 North 1000 West  (N. Temple at 10th West)
 We still have a couple of spaces left for the Madame Alexander luncheon on Friday at noon. Just hit ‘reply’ if you want to join us.
See you soon!