Holiday Show in Pleasanton

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I LOVE November and December!  It is a magical time with food, family and the FUN of the show in Pleasanton, CA.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone seemed to catch the infectious spirit of the beginning of the holiday season.  Not only were the displays full of festive cheer, but I caught many faces in the crowd with smiles of enjoyment.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Fall in Puyallup – Always a Joy!

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The Fall show in Puyallup is always fun, and this last weekend was no exception.  One part of the fun was to have Alisa, Jim and Adeline set up the the floor plan and welcome the exhibitors while I was away for the day.  Once I got there I was able to concentrate on finding just the right artist to create the souvenir for our 2016 event in Albuquerque as my commitment is to support artists and dealers that support the Crossroads Shows. The ideas came together beautifully and I am thrilled with the results.  Kudos to all that wore pink on Saturday and to everyone that enjoyed the booths decorated in the colors of Fall.
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