A Lovely Day at the Puyallup Show


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A sunny day and spectacular view of Mt Rainier greeted us for the show in Puyallup this past Saturday.  So many of the booths were celebrating with a red, white & blue theme – a very cheerful backdrop to an amazing array of gorgeous items for sale.  We were pleased to find a wig making (wefting) demo going on and hope to see Diane return in the fall.  Enjoy this photo journey of the show and be sure to take a look at our Facebook Page for more.
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Salt Lake Show Review

We all loved our new Red Lion venue!  It was a great day with our friends from the Mountain states region.  Enjoy the pictures here and on our Facebook page.

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Pleasanton Show Review

This was a gorgeous show!  I was thrilled at the quality of treasures for every type of collector. Enjoy!

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