March in Puyallup, WA & Roseville, CA

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There were two great shows this month!  We started out in the Northwest at the Puyallup show (pictures below).  Always a fun show filled with an amazing group of dealers.

I love the spring shows and both of these were no exception.  This last weekend was spent at the Roseville, CA show, pictures above.

Another great day with my show family.  To all – you are my joy!  Did  I mention great shopping?

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A Special Valentines Day in Portland OR

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What a great day in Portland OR we had this past weekend.  I saw so many of my favorite people and met some amazing new artists.  The weather really cooperated and everyone was in good spirits.  I found a treasure for my collection and hope you did as well.  We will see you in the fall!  Enjoy the pictures here.  Be sure to look at our Facebook page keep the Doll Sale Marketplace bookmarked, many of the items you see here will be posted for sale soon.

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The First Show of the Year, San Diego Style

DSC_9947 a 2015 toby  DSC_0114 a stevie t  DSC_0065 a martin  DSC_0110 a GO  sugar plum fairies  DSC_0056 a george w

This was a great weekend in San Diego!  It is always good to see everyone and get out of the winter blahs – and there were certainly no blahs at this show!  The class on Friday was fun – we thank Art Rogers for being such a great teacher.  All of the students finished in time to put their class creations in a Saturday contest.  Congrats to Wanda Shope for her return to the Teddy Bear world and for winning the contest (sorry Wanda – my picture of your Kit the Kat was terrible).  We also congratulate Stevie T for winning two Industry Choice TOBY awards announced at the Saturday evening banquet.

DSC_9958 a bru  DSC_9988 a pout  DSC_9936-a-the-girls-b  DSC_0048 a elefant  DSC_9999 a fashion  DSC_9949 a 2015 TOBY

I was glad to have extra help at the show (Thanks to Adeline, Jean and Maryll) so that I could take pictures and boy did I!  As usual for this show, there was a wonderful selection of original work by prominent artists, fabulous antiques, great vintage, an more miniatures than I have seen in a while.

Enjoy the pictures, I will post more on Facebook soon and many of the dolls, teddy bears and critters will be listed on the Doll Sale Marketplace during the week.