2 Popular Shows in September!


With the Armory replacing their ceiling, we will be at the Red Lion on Jantzen Beach for this show.  This is a beautiful hotel located on the water and we will be in the gorgeous main ballroom for the event.  The hotel has arranged special room rate for those of you coming from out of town.

All of your favorites dealers will be at the show, including Marshall Martin (as seen on the Antiques Roadshow) who will be able to appraise 2 of your mystery dolls.  John Port will be appraising your mystery teddy bears.
For show details: http://dolls4all.com/portland-or/

The Roseville show is a fun, upbeat event popular with everyone who attends.  We’ll have doll stringing available and identification of both dolls and teddy bears, so bring 2 of  your mysteries.  While you are in the area, make a weekend of it!  The new Museum of Wonder and Delight is open on Sunday in Folsom with the collection of our good friend Dolph Gottelli.

For more show information: http://dolls4all.com/roseville-ca/

See you at the shows!


San Diego – Summer 2015 Faces to Enjoy!

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The San Diego show was a joy to behold. Laughter and excitement filled the room.  And the faces – exquisite!
The event in January 2016 will even be better – don’t miss it!
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DSC_1335 ab  DSC_1359ab  DSC_1333 ab


Summer Show in San Diego

Who doesn’t love San Diego – 72 degrees and sunny, pretty much year round.  We are thrilled to leave the heat behind and enjoy the show and a bit of beach and family time.
little koala  bru and jumeau crowd SDA

The show is going to be one of our best ever, with a selection of dealers that you will love!  We’ve added more antiques and Marshall Martin will be on hand to appraise up to 2 of your dolls.  In addition to a great line up of teddy bear (and critter) artists, Carl will be joining us from Sweden with a fantastic selection of antique and vintage bears.  Other doll vendors will feature vintage dolls, artist dolls, BJD, reborn, Barbie, a collection of fashion doll clothes as well as vintage clothing, and accessories.  This is a group that you will not want to miss!
bjd girl  elephant  compo w red ribbons
August 8, 2015  10AM to 3:30PM
Al Bahr Shriner Center
5440 Kearny Mesa Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

Back from Puyallup and the Website is Working!

DSC_1056 a  DSC_1033aDSC_1061 a

What an adventure we had on the return from the show in Puyallup!  After the show, we traveled to Portland and found that there were no rooms available – YIKES.  We found nothing in Salem either and ended up taking a snooze in the car at a rest stop.  The good news is that we got home earlier than normal.

The show was lovely and the Expo Hall building that we were in was really nice – I heard nothing but rave reviews.  There was a different kind of rave review about the traffic Friday evening for our 4-8PM shopping hours.  But we were all rewarded by the excellent assembly of dealers and shoppers.  I enjoyed every minute.

I have already posted some pictures on Facebook, so take a peek.  I’ll send out more with my newsletter, on Friday.

Have a great long weekend celebrating our country’s birthday and we’ll see you at the show!  Dorothy

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