The Amazing Portland Show!

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Truly, this was one of the amazing events in doll-dom. The new facility was lovely, the crowd was enthusiastic, and the dealers brought fabulous inventory.  We have some facility issues to work out for the August show – but the staff is anxious to solve any issues, so all I can say is Love, Love our new home for the show in southeast Portland.

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San Diego Was More Amazing Than Ever

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I have to say that this was the best time that I have had at the show in San Diego.  Everyone was upbeat and having a good time.  The dolls on display were great and the artistry of the teddy bear folks was excellent.  We are sad that there won’t be a show in August, but we do have our 2017 January date.  So save the date and make the trip – it is well worth it!  Jan 7 & 8, 2017.

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