Roseville, CA Feb 24!

We love the renovation to the Fairgrounds in Roseville.  It turned our excellent and we are excited to be there.  There will even be a real cook in the kitchen (wahoo!).

Jim sends his regards to all that have been wondering what he is up to these days.

Portland OR on a Rainy Day

So what’s new with that?  Well folks put on their happy faces and came to the show.  It was really fun, with lots and lots of cheerful, excited people to talk to!  The next show is August 11 – you won’t want to miss it.  In the mean time enjoy!




35 years in San Diego Remembered

The show founded by Linda Mullins 35 years ago closed, with a celebration of her legacy and the artists and collectors who loved the event.  And a celebration it was!  The collectors were enthusiastic over artists and other exhibitors showing their best inventory.  Teddy Bear & Friends was on had to co-host the TOBY Industry Choice Awards dinner.  We miss you, love you and hope our paths cross again soon!