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Consignment Information

Crossroads Show Consignment Booth
Here is a feature that you have been asking for! We recognize that many of you only have a few items that you would like to sell. This is the service available at most shows and may be right for you! Please double-check the show page to make sure that the consignment area is available. Consignment reservations are required, contact [email protected].


Here is how it works:

• Crossroads provides the space, decoration, price labels and personnel to sell your doll & teddy bear related items at the show.

• While the items are in possession of the show, insurance will be in effect for breakage or loss.

• For most shows, you can bring between 3- 5 items (per household) to the show on Friday at the designated hours.  The designated time frame is for drop off only, there will be no admittance to the show.  Due to space considerations, all shows have a reservation process.  You will need to check for details specific to a show on it’s individual page.

• The pricing of your item is discussed and decided at the time of drop off. I encourage you to have a number in mind, but do be mindful that some items may not have held their value in today’s market. I can help with current pricing trends as needed.

• Your items will be on display for sale until the show closes at 3PM. You will receive a phone call by 3PM to let you know whether the items have sold.

• If the items have sold, you will receive a check within 7 days, less a 30% commission.

• If the items have not sold, they will be available until 4:30PM for pick-up. All unsold items must be picked up by 4:30PM as the show will not be responsible for storage, safekeeping or return of unclaimed items after that time.