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The Best Portland Show EVER!

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We had a great time in Portland OR yesterday.  The cooled down perfectly and we saw an enthusiastic crowd enjoying some of the best displays that we have ever had at this show. I had so much fun had the most amazing comments from the attendees.  What a great end to summer 2014.


HAT WITH ROSES aWe look forward to the September shows:

Sept. 13, 2014  9:30 to 3:30 PM
Placer  County Fairgrounds – Jones Hall
800 All America City Blvd  Roseville



Sept. 27, 2014  9:30 to 3:30 PM
Alameda County Fairgrounds – Building B
Bernal Ave at Valley Ave
Pleasanton, CA 94566




Crossroads Shows Update – a 4th of July Greeting

I love londaisy waving flag xsmg weekends, especially  when fireworks, parades and barbeques are involved.  And this weekend is really a giant birthday party!

Even though the news media can be distressing, even depressing – we have a lot to be thankful for in this country.  On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from Britain and the Unites States of America as an independent nation was born. The American Dream is so compelling, every day thousands leave their homelands and all that is familiar to come to the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate our freedom, where our dreams can be lived out. I send special thanks to those that have served in our military and my warmest greetings to those that are currently serving (our son Colby is in the Navy).

Here is an excerpt from a lovely poem by Joanna Fuchs:

Let’s respect them for their courage; They’re ready to do what’s right To keep America safe, So we can sleep better at night. Read More→

June Crossroads Show Newsletter from Dorothy Drake

nature 1  I usually start my newsletters with the picture of a wonderful doll, but I just loved this picture.  Jim and I got back Sunday after a terrific road trip from Albuquerque to Reno.  The scenery really was therapy!  I found myself truly relaxed and focused on rock formations and desert plant life.  I even saw some critters.

The busy Spring show schedule is behind us and we are looking forward to having a quieter Summer, mostly at home.  After having a drug allergic reaction to statins recently, I have been noticing an increase in what looks to be food allergies as well.  So this Summer we are going to spend more time in the garden growing our own food to see if that makes a difference.  That’s me – volunteering to be a science experiment! Read More→

Doll & Teddy Bear Event in Salt Lake May 17

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I always enjoy Spring time in my home town.  We enjoy family, friends and all of you!  We have some new hours this year, and will have a silent auction of a collection out of California.  We’re excited that Terri Pender will be back with her amazing selection of wigs, so bring dolly for a new ‘do’.  Our good friend Karen Houmand will be with us after a couple of years of conflicting schedules.  Parking is still free, so come on by:

May 17, 2014  9:30AM to 3:00PM
Utah Fairpark, Promintory Hall      115 North 1000 West  (N. Temple at 10th West)
 We still have a couple of spaces left for the Madame Alexander luncheon on Friday at noon. Just hit ‘reply’ if you want to join us.
See you soon!



Doll & Teddy Bear Event in Salt Lake May 17


We still have a couple of spaces left for the Madame Alexander luncheon on Friday at noon. Just hit ‘reply’ if you want to join us






Show location:  Utah Fairpark  155 N 1000 West (N. Temple at 1oth West)  Salt Lake City

See you soon!



April 2014 Crossroads Newsletter

Today I have been thinking about Jim on his mission trip to Belize and how much joy he will have near the healing, soothing waves of the ocean.   I found it interesting to learn that 70% of the earth is covered with oceans that have an average depth of 12,400 ft. Light can only about 300 ft. so most of the ocean is in perpetual darkness which would explain why only about 5% has been explored.  I’m thinking we probably have better maps of Mars. Thinking about it, I got a true sense of my smallness in the complexity of this life that we live.  I’ll call it a health dose of insignificance.

girl-with-chickenSo, what does this have to do with doll & teddy bear shows?   I’m not exactly sure, but it did satisfy my love of trivia.  So here we are with Spring trying ever so hard to get here.  And it will, just not today.  I’m thinking we should turn our thoughts away from the quirky weather and towards the Crossroads show schedule that promises a forecast of warm and sunny dolly days! Read More→

March 2014 Crossroads Newsletter

OK, confession time.  I’m a collector.  I love beauty, and dolls fall into the ‘beauty’ category along with my garden and my home.  Teddy bears make me smile, so they belong in the ‘beauty’ column as well.  Guess I had better stop there, ‘cause this newsletter could get long.  I remember a friend telling her husband, “I collect dolls;  it’s what I do”.  bunniesHmmm… wonder what would happen if I told Jim that.

I produce shows so that I can be near dolls and teddy bears and the first shows of 2014 have been amazing – hard work to be sure but fun. And about the shows, WOW is all I can say.  The vendors have been a national and international group that pretty much blew my socks off.  I saw teddy bear and critter artists, as well as a great group of antique doll, toys and antique bear folks mixed in.  The visuals have been amazing, the creativity was leading edge stuff, prices reasonable, and the crowds were having too much fun to describe. Read More→

February 2014 Crossroads Newsletter

Here we are on Super Bowl weekend.  Trivia = the 2nd heaviest food day ofarnot booth 1the year.  I’m writing this wondering if anyone is opening their email, but writing none-the-less.  The year has started off in a mellow/busy mode.  Mellow in that there is not a show every weekend, but busy getting ready for when there is.  I personally like February, it is generally too cold to work in the garden, so I enjoy some too-cold-to-get dressed days. Read More→

Crossroads Shows Newsletter January 2014

thEKFLES3R  Here we are beginning a New Year and I feel the introspective tug that arrives each year at this time.  2013 was crazy busy and I am glad to put it in the rear view mirror.  My time was overly consumed by stuff and I became too consumed by time – most of it rushing by me in fits of anxiety over what I perceived as needing to get done (right now).  2014 is on the horizon like turning to a fresh page in a journal.  Instead of writing resolutions that I will break next week, today I will write about a word that will be my personal mission for 2014.  The word is GRATEFUL.  Grateful is a happy face word.  The word can be as big as my relationships with family or the people that I work work with, or as small as thinking about the heat that came on this morning in very chilly weather.  This is not a ‘stick your head in the sand’ word, it is a reminder that even in the darkest hours, a tiny light flickers – I’ll focus on that. Read More→

Welcome 2014!

Welcome-2014I really do delight in every new year.  No matter what is going on, it always feels like I am turning the page to a blank sheet.  I am excited about the show schedule and our new partnerships.  Our mission for 2014 is to bring a new or different experience to every event.  I’ll be posting the sneak preview over the next couple of days.  Raise your hand if you are ready for a new year!

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