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Summer in Portland, Review

Well this summer has had quite a heatwave, that even touched our cool Northwest.  But our time in Portland was actually perfect!  Loved it.  I did some man-on-the-street interviews and got some enlightening answers – I’ll be conducting the same interviews in Roseville.  The question:  What does doll show etiquette mean to you?  be thinking … in the mean time enjoy and head on over to Facebook for more pictures.

I just loved meeting Sophie and Ella.  the two adorable young ladies meet at the show and shop together!  They are also wanting to start a Junior collector club.


Crossroads Show Announcement

After 270 shows spanning 20 years, I am going to take a vacation.  OK a long vacation.  Effective May 6 through the end of August, 2018 Jim and I will not be available by email or phone.  We are not leaving the industry and I do have some dolly events (like the UFDC convention, and 2 shows in the Northwest) to attend.  What I won’t be doing is handling the day to day details.  The Crossroads team is an excellent one, well trained and tuned in.

All emails and phone calls that come in to me or Jim will be forwarded to the appropriate team member, or you can contact them directly:

Northwest Shows: Alisa Walsworth,   253 961 8131

California Shows:
Jean Smith, 916 397 3191  or
Adeline Piper, 916 949 5894

Have a great summer and I hope to see you at a show!

Pleasanton, CA – great show, great people!


We welcomed the Nancy Ann West Coast Meet-up ladies at the show and we sure did have fun.  If you haven’t been to a show or haven’t been in a while – stop by an event in your area, it is a great way to spend a day!