Dolls 4 All

Last Show of the Year, FUN!

I must say the dealers at the last Puyallup WA show for 2017 thrilled us all with the best array of dolls, teddy bears and accessories that I have seen in a long while.  Every booth had something to stop for. I enjoyed talking to all and especially enjoyed seeing moms and grandmas teaching young girls about the joy to be found in dolls and teddy bears.  The photographer from Komo4 got a great education and kept going back to teddy bears – a new collector?  My thanks to eveyone who has attended a Crossroads show in 2017 – I have had a blast and look forward to amazing things at the shows in 2018. My very special thanks to Alisa, Adeline and Jean  for being a part of the team – you are AWESOME!

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